Celebrating 175 Years

Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Featured

The Ada Presbyterian Church celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2016.  The church marked its anniversary with a special weekend in October, releasing a new history of the church written by Tom Gossel and holding a special worship service where Rev. Allen preached on God’s faithfulness to the church in the past and on into the future.  The sermon, from 1 Kings 8:22-26 may be listened to here:

The church has been in existence since August 21, 1841, meeting originally in Huntersville, OH, a few miles southeast of Ada.  Fifteen years later, in 1855, the congregation transferred to Johnstown, which was later renamed Ada.  After a great revival in 1888-89, the church was vibrant and growing.  Several groups were formed to promote the cause of Christ in the community.  Thirteen members were studying for the ministry.  To keep pace with the congregation’s growth, the present-day building was constructed in 1890.  In the 1920s, with a membership of 440, the church set an ambitious membership goal of 500, stating, “let soul-winning be the object of all our planning, and our hobby be evangelism, and our slogan be, ‘the world for Christ, Christ for the world, and me for my next door neighbor.'”

In recent years, the church has been active in mission and outreach, sending teams as far away as Romania, Mississippi, and West Virginia.  Several ONU students find their home here while in college, and church life centers around a strong worship and Christ-centered preaching ministry.